Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to the Basics

Did you make it to Fall for Greenville? If you didn’t make it down town, you missed out. Great music, fabulous food and thousands of your closest friends! For me, Fall for Greenville kicks off the symbolic beginning of life’s routine. The excitement of back to school has weaned and it’s too early to get excited about the holidays. We’re settled in to the regular daily routine. What better time to think about the basics of style. Just for kicks, I’m throwing in a few “don’ts” that represent some of the style on the streets this weekend!

Five Style Take Aways from Fall for Greenville – Spread the word. Save our city from this embarrassment!

Fanny packs are out of style. Dead. Not ever coming back. Enough said.

· Tennis shoes are meant for tennis. They are not “cute” with jeans.

· Floral and plaid are all the rage this fall…SEPARATELY…not paired together.

· Blue Jean shorts should never be worn by men…or women over the age of 25. Forget it. Bad idea.

· Muffin tops are never attractive. People buy pants that fit.

Enough humor- Let’s review the basics and get them right this fall. Here are a few things that every good girl with good style should own:

· Basic Black Dress – Finding the perfect black dress can be a challenge. The fit is key. Remember- it should hit right at the crease on the back of your knee, but should not cover the knee. How about this one by Elie Tahari.

· Trench Coat – Every season has a new take on the trench coat, but regardless of the year, the basic trench coat never goes out of style. Find a Pink trench with classic lines and you’ll never go wrong.

· Dress Pants – You choose the color- black, brown, gray, winter white. Choose a style that is flattering to your figure. One idea- Buy a size larger than you normally wear and have a tailor custom fit to your body type. Shop at Labels and you’ll be able to get a great pair of designer slacks like these by Theory and you’ll be a able to afford a really good tailor. *Note: A flat front boot cut pant is almost always universally flattering.

· Classic Shirt – Finding the right white shirt can be a bit tricky. There are tons of styles out there. Find a style that flatters and as Tim Gunn says- “minimize trouble spots.”

· Jeans – We all need a really great pair of designer jeans. Really you need two pairs of jeans. One pair that is hemmed for heels and one pair that is hemmed for flats. I believe that jeans that fit just right, can totally change your life.

· Any Occasion Top – Find a fun flirty top like this one by Mint and it will take you from day to night. Always have a good “go to” top in your wardrobe.

· Skirt – Just like dress pants, a good skirt is a wardrobe essential. I prefer black…very slimming on the hips. You can dress it up with sequins and stilettos or down with a chunky sweater and boots.

· Day Dress – Dresses are so fun and feminine. And my favorite part, they make getting dressed in the morning so much easier…not a lot to think about. Find a couple of great dresses like these that you can dress up or down depending on the mood. You’ll love the way the right dress makes you feel. I love this one by Trina Turk.

· Jacket – Everyone needs a versatile jacket. Tim Gunn says, “Women's jackets should follow the silhouette of a woman's body and accent the hourglass curve at her waist.”

· Sweatsuit Alternative – Just because a sweatsuit at old navy only cost $16, doesn’t mean you should own one! Our “friends” at Fall for Greenville did not get this memo! Find some comfy chords, great cargo pants or flattering kakis and you are good to go for a day of errands around town or an afternoon tailgate. This fall leggings and a great long plaid top are another fun and comfortable alternative.

I owe all of this fab back to the basics style advise to fashion icon Tim Gunn and the Suite 101 (www.suite101.com). OK ladies…bring this checklist on your next shopping spree to “fix” any wardrobe challenges the fall routine may have revealed.

Cheers Fashionistas,