Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Fever

I'm having serious Spring Fever.  With the tease of beautiful Spring weather on Sunday, I have been rudely jolted back into reality with freezing cold weather and gray, rainy skies.  Nevertheless, I'm going to let the buzz of Oscar excitement get me through this week.  Speaking of Oscar, we just received some stunning Oscar de la Renta in the store, which led me to browse the Spring 2013 collection. I am in LOVE.  Honestly, I might be more in LUST.  For real.  These pieces are gorgeous.  Take a look for yourself.  Go ahead, drool.  You know you want to....

It seems Oscar loves the black and white look for Spring '13 as much as I do.
{Images from lyst.com}

And the winner is...

Hello lurvelies, forgive me for being slow on the blog posts lately.  Blame it on the winter doldrums, but whatever it is no excuses.  So without further ado, let's recap the fabulous red carpet that was Sunday night's Academy Awards:

My Faves got it SO right- (gush!):
I loved this and thought it was adorable that she tripped in her excitement.  The back necklace took it from sophisticated sweet to not-too-innocent chic for me. 
I was soooo impressed with this dress.  This woman knows how to work a gown and thought the color was a delightful surprise in a sea of metallics, reds and whites. 
Naomi Watts, I love that you brought the edge to the red carpet with such a modern dress, and yet kept it glamorous and sophisticated.  No one could have done this dress better.  Like your performance, you were a knockout.
 My runners up - just felt like it was almost, but not quite perfection:
On the one hand, I though this dress was gorgeous.  Sparkly, different and fabulous- you could tell J. Hud felt stunning - but the shoes were so badly coordinated.  I just couldn't get over it.  But - she's telling me she's not going anywhere.  BRAVO on a superb performance!
Halle's body is so unbelievable and I love how she stepped out in a different silhouette, but I have to agree with the Fashion Police - can we get a new hairstyle this decade?
Good Lord, this woman is a bombshell- but that hair took this fashion forward dress to future helmet action for me.

And finally, while each of these women deserved the Best Actress Oscar - I felt that we deserved a better, knock out red carpet performance.   Felt that each woman repeated a previous look of their own or another actresses and didn't really take advantage of the spotlight they have earned:

{that necklace could almost, but not quite, keep me from constantly pondering the nipple action}
Boring.  Enough said. 
Again, I feel like we've seen this silhouette before.  Though, major props for just having a baby and showing off that figure!
Finally, I was torn about this one as Charlize, to me, is perfection.  She is so statuesque and beautiful and this dress with the hair seemed so modern, crisp and sleek.  But, it did somewhat reek of Anne's look in Chanel at the GG red carpet and then a bit of taking the risk that Gwyneth already did to perfection in last year's Tom Ford.  Even so,  Charlize, you're still my fave - please do better movies next year.
{Images via justjared.com}

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's to you and yours.  We hope you have a day filled with love and laughter.  And whether your day is filled with romance and roses, or a great bear hug and a friend - we hope you're adorned in something pink or red, or both - whatever it is, we hope you feel fabulous today:


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Fat Tuesday!

It's Mardi Gras folks, and as always, Labels is ready to celebrate.  Whether you're indulging in beignets, pancakes or some King Cake today we hope you're enjoying the festivities in some form or fashion.  Speaking of fashion - the holiday has us in a celebratory mood and so we thought we'd indulge in some fun couture fantasies from NYC Fashion Week's Fall 2013 this morning:

Carolina Herrera|Vogue.com

Ohne Titel|Vogue.com

Marc Jacobs|Vogue.com

Louis Vuitton |Vogue.com

Rag & Bone |Vogue.com

Monday, February 4, 2013

How bout that Beyonce concert?

Whether you're a football fan or not (GO RAVENS!)  - the Beyonce half-time show was sure to be spectacular for last night's Superbowl.  After all the controversy over her performance at the inauguration, Beyonce was set and determined to bring it to America and show her skills.  Well she brought it.  And then some.  She absolutely blew me away with her pipes, her moves and the performance.  I've always been a big fan of the pop star and last night cemented my admiration anew.  So here's a little Beyonce fashion to fire up your Monday morning:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spread the Love Saturday - TALK Magazine

A big shout out to TALK magazine for featuring Labels' fashions in its February issue.  The spread, photographed by the super-talented, Josh Norris, warmed our heart.  We love the mix of ivories and creams in winter, snuggly soft fabrics and of course, the ever-flattering rosy red dresses to heat up those cold, frosty nights!  Thanks for the love, TALK!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Style Rut? It's a CINCH

One styling tip I read over and over, is to belt the waist.  It's a simple, easy way to highlight a naturally small waistline, or for those thick middles gals (like moi), it serves to create an hourglass shape or the illusion of it.  Bottom line, reigning in your torso's middle makes one feel pulled together.  And, after all, doesn't feeling "pulled together" make everyone feel more confident and more attractive?  So cinch it in today ladies:

Vermeer, DVF, and BCBG

Friday, January 25, 2013

Creatures of Habit - Style Ruts.

 We all do it.  We get stuck, mired in the same old, same old fashion ruts.  How often we hear in the store, "I always pick out the same thing" " Here I go again buying all black." "Everything I tried on looks like everything I already own."  We all need a little change of perspective this time of year, and the same goes for our wardrobes. 

One classic style that always gets me over the hump is an animal print.  Whether adding a pair of zebra striped pumps, a leopard print sweater, or little cheetah skinny belt to a white blouse and jeans - that little extra addition of oomph helps me take an otherwise blah outfit to bring it on!  With designers mixing prints with abandon this season - it's the perfect time to incorporate your favorite jungle cat into your everyday style:

Alexa Chung

Tracy Reese
  For more animal print fashion inspiration from Labels' new arrivals click here

Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrate Good Times.. Happy Inauguration and MLK day!

Between the NFL playoffs, the MLK holiday and the Inauguration - there's a whole lotta celebratin' going on this time of year.  And, what a better time to do it!  The January doldrums were just about to settle their gray skies for good and lo' and behold the weather has warmed up a bit and the sun came out to play.  Well, that's cause enough for us to celebrate around here.  In honor, we're picking out some of our favorite First Lady and Inaugural fashions:
It's hard to look pulled together and fashionable when you're freezing, but Michelle Obama pulled it off with perfection in her gold jacket and sheath with coordinating green heels and gloves.  Don't forget that megawatt smile!
I love the First Lady in bold colors and boy does she know how to show off those great arms and shoulders!
This Naeem Khan dress is my favorite.  The pattern and colors complemented her skin and hair to perfection.  She looks regal and modern for the Foreign Corespondents' dinner.
The Bush ladies at the second Inaugural Ball shone with grace and poise.

I thought Hillary's choice of color looked spectacular on her and the silhouette flattered a figure more often hidden in power suits and helmet hair.    
We all know Jackie was a style icon and had more hits than I could cover in a blog; however, I have always adored this silk petal-colored gown with white gloves.  She looks sophisticated and demure, but there is a quite strength the column shape that I adore. 
I would be remiss in not tipping my hat (Sorry for the pun!) to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  She not only knocked it out of the park with her performance, but that hat practically stole the show.  I love it and her for rocking a fab ensemble better than women half her age.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!