Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the winner is...

Hello lurvelies, forgive me for being slow on the blog posts lately.  Blame it on the winter doldrums, but whatever it is no excuses.  So without further ado, let's recap the fabulous red carpet that was Sunday night's Academy Awards:

My Faves got it SO right- (gush!):
I loved this and thought it was adorable that she tripped in her excitement.  The back necklace took it from sophisticated sweet to not-too-innocent chic for me. 
I was soooo impressed with this dress.  This woman knows how to work a gown and thought the color was a delightful surprise in a sea of metallics, reds and whites. 
Naomi Watts, I love that you brought the edge to the red carpet with such a modern dress, and yet kept it glamorous and sophisticated.  No one could have done this dress better.  Like your performance, you were a knockout.
 My runners up - just felt like it was almost, but not quite perfection:
On the one hand, I though this dress was gorgeous.  Sparkly, different and fabulous- you could tell J. Hud felt stunning - but the shoes were so badly coordinated.  I just couldn't get over it.  But - she's telling me she's not going anywhere.  BRAVO on a superb performance!
Halle's body is so unbelievable and I love how she stepped out in a different silhouette, but I have to agree with the Fashion Police - can we get a new hairstyle this decade?
Good Lord, this woman is a bombshell- but that hair took this fashion forward dress to future helmet action for me.

And finally, while each of these women deserved the Best Actress Oscar - I felt that we deserved a better, knock out red carpet performance.   Felt that each woman repeated a previous look of their own or another actresses and didn't really take advantage of the spotlight they have earned:

{that necklace could almost, but not quite, keep me from constantly pondering the nipple action}
Boring.  Enough said. 
Again, I feel like we've seen this silhouette before.  Though, major props for just having a baby and showing off that figure!
Finally, I was torn about this one as Charlize, to me, is perfection.  She is so statuesque and beautiful and this dress with the hair seemed so modern, crisp and sleek.  But, it did somewhat reek of Anne's look in Chanel at the GG red carpet and then a bit of taking the risk that Gwyneth already did to perfection in last year's Tom Ford.  Even so,  Charlize, you're still my fave - please do better movies next year.
{Images via justjared.com}

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