Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrate Good Times.. Happy Inauguration and MLK day!

Between the NFL playoffs, the MLK holiday and the Inauguration - there's a whole lotta celebratin' going on this time of year.  And, what a better time to do it!  The January doldrums were just about to settle their gray skies for good and lo' and behold the weather has warmed up a bit and the sun came out to play.  Well, that's cause enough for us to celebrate around here.  In honor, we're picking out some of our favorite First Lady and Inaugural fashions:
It's hard to look pulled together and fashionable when you're freezing, but Michelle Obama pulled it off with perfection in her gold jacket and sheath with coordinating green heels and gloves.  Don't forget that megawatt smile!
I love the First Lady in bold colors and boy does she know how to show off those great arms and shoulders!
This Naeem Khan dress is my favorite.  The pattern and colors complemented her skin and hair to perfection.  She looks regal and modern for the Foreign Corespondents' dinner.
The Bush ladies at the second Inaugural Ball shone with grace and poise.

I thought Hillary's choice of color looked spectacular on her and the silhouette flattered a figure more often hidden in power suits and helmet hair.    
We all know Jackie was a style icon and had more hits than I could cover in a blog; however, I have always adored this silk petal-colored gown with white gloves.  She looks sophisticated and demure, but there is a quite strength the column shape that I adore. 
I would be remiss in not tipping my hat (Sorry for the pun!) to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  She not only knocked it out of the park with her performance, but that hat practically stole the show.  I love it and her for rocking a fab ensemble better than women half her age.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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