Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY...

Boy, oh boy!  I have had it.  The rain has got to end, and thankfully, it's supposed to clear up this weekend.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to look on the bright side (of incessant rain?  yes, I know, oxymoron) and post a few things that make me happy.   Hang in there folks, tomorrow's Friday!

1.  Hunter boots - I purchased my first pair in short, red this past Fall and they have been worth their weight in gold.  Have worn them every day this week, and I love how they keep my feet dry and provide a little cherry cheer to an otherwise drab, I'm gonna-get-wet rainy day outfit.  We do get them in store from time to time, but because they are a hot commodity - they usually go out the door with one happy customer within a couple days.  Happy Hunting! 
2.   A colorful raincoat - Maybe it stems from my love of Paddington Bear as a child, but I love a yellow rain slicker.  If yellow's not your thing, any bright, bold punch of color will do.  It just says, nothing's going to rain on my parade today and makes one feel pulled together and buttoned up, denying any wet dog outlooks.  So perk up and don a sunny slicker today~!
Marc Jacobs rain slicker
3.  Singin' in the Rain - Finally, sometimes you've just got to embrace it.  Let it frizz your hair, soak the front of your jeans and bust on through it.   Focus on what you can get done inside - or better yet - stop by Labels for a little retail therapy.  We've got some great, lively tunes playing, a roof over our heads and just maybe you'll find just the thing to add a smile to your face - the best accessory!

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