Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mad for Plaid!

Maybe it's the recent Royal visit to Canada. Maybe it's the fact I'm currently reading Diana's (unauthorized) biography. Or maybe, simply put - the most adorable things have been arriving in Labels recently all tartan'ed up!

It seems just in time for the Heat Wave to kick in - Labels has the most adorable plaid dresses, all in super-light summer fabrics and styles to provide a mental chill to the season's bright and florals. So get on board and sport your checkered colors today!

(yes, I know Kate Moss makes everything look cool - but you can to! Throw this J. Crew top over your bathing suit - instant chic cover up.)

Check out a few of the latest arrivals we're obsessing about at Labels:

Pair them with any of these FABULOUS new shoes:

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