Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chanel Birthday Celebration!

At Labels, we love a party, and what a better reason to celebrate than in honor of Chanel's birthday!

Grab your Little Black Dress & pearls, and join us for food, fashion & fun on Thursday, August 18th from 5 to 8 pm! We'll have a Stila Make-up artist, Stella & Dot, and fun giveaways.

And now, for a bit of homage to Chanel:

Simply put, Coco Chanel is a fashion icon; her creations are the stuff of legend. Coco secured a place in the history of fashion with a steadfast commitment to creating quality clothing for women that was both stylish and comfortable. She worked to break the mold of the old French tradition of dress, allowing women to move in their clothing while maintaining a sophisticated silhouette. Unwavering in her determination to bring quality products to her clients, she insisted that her pieces be hand-stitched.

Although her clothes were comfortable Chanel would never forfeit style. Each innovation was meant to enhance the overall silhouette, such as weighing her jackets down with a small chain sewn to the interior perimeter, ensuring they hung properly. Maintaining classic lines, taking inspiration from menswear, and utilizing a timeless palette of black and white, Chanel secured her place in history. Coco Chanel built an empire famous for creating the ultimate conundrum, haute couture that has withstood the ultimate test -- time.

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