Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mad Men-ia!

For the past three years, the 60's influence on style has been hard to miss: from the overwhelming success of the hit television show "Mad Men", to the Banana Republic's Fall 2011 entire ad campaign being devoted to it, to the number one box office movie, "The Help".

The prevalence of the bygone era on today's fashion and design is obvious and especially accessible at Labels Designer Consignments. Here at Labels, we've always been a fan of the Jackie-O classic style. With funnel neck collars, fur trims and feminine waistlines - our southern hearts are a pitter patter when it comes to this year's trends. Throw in a dainty shoe, some animal print embellishments and sparkling flair and we'll cheers to that.

Check out some of our favorite new arrivals beckoning the chic-er side of that golden age:

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