Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No guilt shopping with all of the glitz..

Found this from 2008 SMH by Rachel Wells - sadly, it's even more applicable today. 

With the economy showing no sign of improving any time soon, investment dressing is fast becoming the new black. In the September issue of American Harper's Bazaar, the editors dedicated two pages - squeezed between glossy ads for luxury fashion label Etro, and designer shoe brand Giuseppe Zanotti - to how to "recession-proof your wardrobe".

"Gucci or gas?" the headline screams, as the reporter goes on to outline ways to "keep your wardrobe fresh for less" by skipping disposable trends, sticking to your look, and buying cheap basics while splurging on big ticket items such as a classic coat. She does, however, forget to advise readers to a) "close their eyes", or b) "don't get sucked in", by the shiny advertisements for luxury labels splashed on every other page of the glossy monthly.

Even US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, a woman one would assume would be safe from the vagaries of the economy, looks to be tightening her designer belt. At the recent catwalk shows she adopted a strict sheath and skirtsuit dress code. Or perhaps, she, too, has simply fallen for the latest trend - "investment dressing".

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