Saturday, May 21, 2011

is the Merry Month of May making you feel a bit Crazy?!

Bring out your Halt-er ego....

With the hectic schedules may brings, most of feel like we could use three extra hands to get it all done, not multiple personalities that stress can sometimes bring out in even the most patient of ladies ;)

But I can assure if you feel like you're looking good, it'll bring a smile to your face. And, science has proved that with a smile brings endorphins and that means happy times for all. So, strap on those halters ladies and show off those shoulders. After all, who gains extra weight in their shoulders??? NO ONE.

Whether you prefer a halter sundress, cocktail, racerback tank or keyhole top - a glance over your shoulders and toss of the hair will grant heads to turn. Pull up the hair and get on the go, because you're looking pretty today.

Check out some of the favorites we've got in store this week:

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