Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Football Essentials

I admit it. I don’t really like watching football. But I LOVE tailgating! I don’t think I am the only southern girl who feels like this. Maybe I am just the only one willing to admit it. Nonetheless, football season gives me a reason to find all kinds of fun trendy Saturday wear for a variety of weather conditions and best of all indulge on some serious junk food…and bourbon! Girls-Calories don’t count on game day!

I haven’t quite switched out my closet from summer to fall so I had to do a little shopping to prepare for the upcoming games. I probably could get away with summer styles since it is so hot, but I am ready for Fall!

Here’s my run down on football must haves to make the day stylish and comfortable:

A cute dress: I found this cute little dress by Karlie. It’s a great fabric that won’t show when I glisten a bit in the September sun. And check out these great earrings. This is the perfect game day outfit.

A light sweater: This week the game is at 7:00pm which means we will get there mid-afternoon and it will be hot- like 90 degrees. I’m going to bring along a cute little J. Crew Cardi like this one that I can throw on when the sun goes down.

Flip flops: I’m going to start off the day in these cute shoes by Dani Black….but will bring my flip flops just in case. Sometimes when we are at away-games, we have terrible parking spots and I have to walk/hobble for miles. Not so fun in these fab shoes.

Great shades- Let’s face it, most of the day, you’ll be wearing shades. They must make a great fashion statement. Nothing says chic anymore than these shades by Smith.

Hand bag: Just call me the bag lady! One bag just isn’t enough….here’s my list-
Essentials Bag - I like to have a larger bag like this Kate Spade that I carry a little touch up make up, a few magazines (just in case it’s really boring), sunscreen, my aforementioned flip flops and comfy outfit to change into for the ride home.
Sassy Bag 2- But I also like to bring a smaller more glam bag just in case we head out on the town to celebrate the big win.
Survival Bag 3- I can’t survive without lots of snacks, some Dixie cups and of course a little bit of bourbon (and whatever other food items I am assigned….though I normally sign up for the fried chicken. After a long week at work, who has energy to cook on a Friday night to get ready for the big game day?)

Rain jacket- Nothing is worse than a rainy game day. Soggy pimento cheese sandwiches- yuck! But what’s even worse is a soggy outfit. I always bring along a rain coat just in case (and an umbrella). I found this fab jacket by Zoa’s Art that make a great statement…not your average anorak.

Essentials in hand. Ready to go enjoy some serious tailgating!

Cheers Fashionistas,

Lulu LaBelle

PS: Thought you might like my easy recipe for pimento cheese. This makes the best tailgating sandwiches and spread. It’s a little spicy…just like us girls and so easy to throw together after a long week!

Pimento Cheese with a Kick
1 lb extra sharp cheddar cheese shredded (Don’t buy pre-shredded…not the same!)
1 small jar of diced pimentos
1 can Rotel drained
About a ½ cup or so of mayo…you be the judge. You can use some of the rotel juice and less mayo if you don’t like too much mayo
1 tbsp or so of Worcestershire sauce

Mix it all together and enjoy!

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