Thursday, October 18, 2012

So Good it's Scary SALE

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  As a girl who loves to play dress up, there is nothing better than a good old costume party!  We've already been invited to two and I can't wait to put together my costume and have a night to act like a kid again.  Along with the tricks though, there's also the treats to love!  A nice spoonful of sugar sure does help the mood during those dwindling October days while darkness descends on us. Here's some fall eye candy to satisfy your sweet tooth until you can get in here and shop for yourself:


J. Crew

katherine" flat riding boots, $895, steven dann (Instyle magazine)

Carven bow back pump, $729 (Instyle magazine)

Speaking of pick-me-ups , we're having a SO GOOD IT'S SCARY SALE this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Take 20% off all shoes, boots and handbags storewide~  Happy Halloween ladies!

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